Spiritual Psychotherapy

An Awakening

I myself started my own therapy when I found myself experiencing feelings of hopelessness, disconnection, irritability and loss of vitality. My work has taken me to a place of deeper peace, compassion, acceptance and respect for myself and others. This has impacted my life immensely, bringing more balance and awakening a passion that arose from discovering and living my life mission.

Karen Patriquin

How Can a Spiritual Psychotherapist Help?

One could benefit from spiritual psychotherapy for the following:
? life changes (location, career, divorce/separation)
? stress/anxiety
? grief /loss
? body image change or recovery
? relationship issues
? depression
? lack of self-esteem
? fears/phobias
? addictions
? trauma
? sexual abuse/incest
? disconnection from self/removing the masks
? quest for personal growth/overcoming perceived limitations
? search for life purpose
? energy/chakra balancing

What Treatment Methods are Employed?
? focusing
? guided imagery meditation
? inner-child work
? voice dialoguing
? sub-personality work
? body psychotherapy
? fast phobia technique
? experiential psychotherapy
? family sculpting
? group dynamics
? relationship dynamics
? dream work
? sound work
? energy/chakra work
? timelines
? past-life regression


How Does Psychotherapy Help?

In an effort to survive a wide variety of actual or perceived threats to our existence and vitality, we all develop a wide variety of ingenious ways to adapt to life circumstances. Through some of these adaptations we may find that we are masking, distracting from or indirectly acting out the source of the original pain. Thus relief involves identifying and working through the often cleverly disguised core issue. Healing involves becoming conscious or aware of our underlying feelings, thoughts, reactions, actions and motivations. The more aware we are, the more choice and power we have in our lives, thus overcoming unconscious patterns that can keep us feeling stuck or trapped.