Give rise to the power within

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Karen Patriquin
HBA Psychology, RIHR, RN, Masters NLP, Reiki,
CIRT – Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Georgian Wellness Center
124 Ontario Street,
Collingwood, ON
telephone: 705.444.1884 (office)
e-mail: info@discoverawakenings.com

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What Treatment Methods are Employed?
☼ focusing
☼ guided imagery
☼ meditation
☼ inner-child work
☼ voice dialoguing
☼ sub-personality work
☼ body psychotherapy
☼ fast phobia technique
☼ experiential psychotherapy
☼ family sculpting
☼ group dynamics
☼ relationship dynamics
☼ dream work
☼ sound work
☼ energy/chakra work
☼ timelines
☼ past-life regression